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Tradition continues with our 29th year.



Yes, we look new, but it’s us! We started the company in 1987 with just the Linnea Poster Calendar and continue today with more calendars and more products featuring great design and intriguing images. We are a family business and treat our customers as family too. Browse our products and enjoy the trip! 2015 looks just great! We hope you love it!

  • "The very beautiful calendar lets me be happy and excited. " ~WM in JAPAN

  • "My friends always look forward to this. The calendar, once again, looks like a winner!" ~PS in TX

  • "Please keep up the original non-Hallmark-card work ... Brilliant!" ~LG in CA

  • "...GREAT customer service. It is so rare these days to speak to a "real" person, and then to have them actually listen and go the extra mile. " ~JR in NY

  • "Just ordered my 14th calendar. Still have them all! Hope you're there forever!" ~LK in SC

  • "Oh thanks - you are the best folks when it comes to both product and customer service! " ~LS in OH

  • New Tote Bags by Johanna!
  • The 2015 Linnea Poster Calendar with artwork by Johanna Riley.
  • The new Linnea Design Cards: Blank Cards, Greeting Cards, Holiday Cards and more.
  • Sale items you won't want to miss!

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