Mouse Mess

Text and illustration by Linnea Riley

Published by Blue Sky Press, an imprint of Scholastic Inc. ISBN 0-590-10048-3

Mouse Mess, a 32 page picture book for children ages 3 to 7, is a tale of a mouse’s nighttime feast and romp in the family kitchen, leaving chaos is his little mousey wake. It’s a family favorite, was published to rave reviews and that year was picked as one of the best children’s books the year by the New York Public Library.

When a mouse ventures out for a nighttime snack, he turns the kitchen into a midnight mess. He’s just waking up, in fact, as the family toddles off to bed, and the kitchen is his playground. Riley (The 12 Days of Christmas, 1995) uses bold colors for her cut-paper collages and almost life size proportions to include readers in the mouse’s illicit feast. Cookies, crackers and cornflakes join olives, peanut butter and cheese, cascading like a waterfall from counter to floor. He cleans up using a teacup for a tub.

-Copyright 1997 Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved
– From Kirkus Reviews, 9/15/97


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