2020 Linnea Design Calendars

Linnea Design Calendars are a beautiful way to mark the time and organize your life! New original artwork for every month, and a fresh take on each season. We have a calendar size for every space, even if your space is small.

The 2020 Linnea Poster Calendar

Twelve 11×14″ posters with new original art each month! A stunning wall calendar for the office or home by artist Johanna Riley. Hang it in our 11 X 14″ Linnea Frame.


Poster Calendar, 11x14 $29.00 $19.99 SOLD OUT
Gift Wrapped Poster Calendar $35.00 $25.99 SOLD OUT
Poster Calendar Gift Pack
Gift Wrapped Linnea Frame + Poster Calendar $53.00 $43.99 SOLD OUT

The 2020 Linnea Desktop Calendar

The 5X7″ Desktop version of the Linnea Poster Calendar lends big impact to small spaces, whether it’s in your apartment or on your desk.


Desk Calendar, 5x7" $16.00 $8.99

The Linnea Design 2020 Appointment Book

Never miss an appointment!  The Linnea Design 2020 Appointment Book is a 9 x 9” hardback book with original artwork for each month and space to write on each day. Great for an organized life! View a full month with ease. Guaranteed not to crash, has a ribbon book mark and special pages for writing birthdays and passwords. At year’s end keep it on your book shelf as a journal of the year’s events. Each day has a space of 1 1/4 x 1 5/8″.

Appointment Book $18.00 $9.99

JANUARY: A crocus breaking through the crust of snow reminds us that spring is on the way, and with it will come sunny days and dispositions.

FEBRUARY: The arrows of Eros await in their quiver just as they have since ancient days. Hope one flies straight and true bringing love to you.

MARCH: Mischief confronts curiosity and is held in check by nothing more than a red lacquered cage.

APRIL: Rain is the blessing, tangible proof of good things to come, so gather your rain gear and walk through the waters!

MAY: Spring salad from a friend with a garden and a generous nature is a blessing indeed!  How lucky I am to have such friends!

JUNE: A bike ride to the beach and the anticipation of a relaxing day of sun and swimming- the perfect ending to a long week.

JULY:  A bowl of Rainier cherries is a joy for the eye as well as the palate! Perfect, multi-colored gems, intensely tasty, sweet and complex.

AUGUST: Honey is fascinating as a food and a process. I’m captivated by these wild flower and herb infused jars of honey for their beauty, gorgeous flavors, and the way the light tunnels through the golden amber.

SEPTEMBER: Treat yourself to new paints or pastels! Any art supply will do. Even a humble box of crayons can unleash your inner artist.

OCTOBER: Boo! You never know what antics a cat will get up to, or just what’s lying in wait for you during the month of October!

NOVEMBER:A delicious Seattle Style Seafood and Crab Boil with crab, shrimp, smoked sausage, mussels, clams and a million fans.

DECEMBER: Santa Lucia in her softly glowing crown inspires us as she welcomes winter and ushers in a new decade of peace and prosperity.

Happy New Year!