2018 Linnea Design Calendars ... ON SALE

Choose from three sizes… The Poster Calendar, The Desk Refill and The Month-by Month Book. Check out the Calendar Month Images below.

The 2018 Linnea Poster Calendar

Twelve 11×14″ posters to hang on the wall… One for each month… Art for each month!

You can order the Linnea Poster Calendar gift wrapped. You can also choose the Poster Calendar Gift Pack. That choice includes the poster calendar, frame of your choice and free gift wrap. It’s perfect for the first-time giftee… they can hang it up right away.

Check the three frames available on the frame page.

As always … made in the USA!


Poster Calendar, 11x14 $28.00$14.00 (please call for availability)

The 2018 Linnea Desk Refill

The Desktop version is 5 x 7″ and designed for closer viewing than the poster size. The Desk Calendar Gift Pack includes the glass-front frame. It’s a perfect small gift to keep on hand… small, compact, pretty, useful… for times when you need a quick present with no time to shop.

As always … made in the USA!

Desk Calendar, 5x7" $14.00$7.00 (please call for availability)

The 2018 Month-by-Month Book

The Month by Month Book is a 9 x 9” hardback book with space to write on each day. Keep your desk attractive and your life organized. With a full month in view and a ribbon marker, important dates won’t sneak up on you. At year’s end keep it on the library shelf as a remembrance. Each day has a space of 1 1/4 x 1 5/8″.

Month-by-Month Book $16.00$8.00 (please call for availability)

JANUARY: Setting Japanese paper lanterns aloft to symbolize our good wishes for the new year. Paper lanterns signify joy, celebration, good fortune and longevity, and they have a role as protectors from evil.

FEBRUARY: It is the small, sweet gestures that are the gifts of the heart. Send someone a secret admirer Valentine and make their day and yours too!

MARCH: If ever there were fairytale flowers, Fritilaria fit the part. The name is derived from the Latin term for a dice-box (fritillus) and they are one of creation’s wonders.

APRIL: Our Linnea Design Direct Sales Manager, Palma, grows amazing asparagus in her garden. She tells me it takes 3 years before one can really harvest them. She advises letting them sprout, grow and flower for a couple of seasons to make the roots strong. It is a labor of love!

MAY: The objective of the zig zag bridge, according to Zen philosophy and teachings, is to focus the walker’s attention on the mindfulness of the current place and time moment – “being here, now”.

JUNE: Paris rooftops, je vous adore. My family and I went over there this summer and I was spellbound with the skyline as much as I was charmed with the gardens on the ground. Such a beautiful city!

JULY: What a union of art and utility a quilt is! A wonderful American art that reflects so many of our different ethnic traditions and creative sensibilities. It is a perfect metaphor for the vitality of our vibrant heritage and a reminder of the love and effort that went into its making.

AUGUST: Kayaking in the quiet of the Puget Sound is a gift for all the senses. The surroundings, the pull of the paddle through the water, the freshness of the air, the reassuring sound of lapping waves and the serenity is a state of being I desire.

SEPTEMBER: We had these English egg cups with legs when I was growing up and, now, I have my own. The soft boiled egg in the cup makes me smile each morning. A bit of silliness in the morning is just the right way to start the day!

OCTOBER: Wonderful Dim Sum, Cantonese delights! Some of my favorite memories are mingled with beautifully crafted Dim Sum served from a steaming cart in a lively Seattle restaurant filled with friends, laughter and incredibly delicious tastes!

NOVEMBER: Pies, pies, pies! It’s not just apple or pumpkin anymore and the endless possibilities are something to be truly grateful for….and not only on Thanksgiving!

DECEMBER: Traditional little German, glitter-sprinkled, pasteboard houses enchant the children, making them wonder just what miniature magic might be going on inside!