About Us

We are a family business!  The ‘Linnea Calendar’ torch has been passed from Linnea to her daughter, Johanna, who had been responsible previously for the Hannah Travel Calendars. Johanna brings her own unique, charming view of the world to the calendars while continuing Linnea’s tradition of images that cheer our days. Linnea continues to design new products which she is very excited about and will post them on the website as they are produced. She reports that, after 23 years as THE designer, she is seeing more of her grandchildren, her garden and the world OUTSIDE her studio!

Johanna Riley

Johanna began designing the Hannah Travel Calendar in 2000 and now designs our single yearly calendar, The Linnea Calendar with Artwork By Johanna Riley. She also produces the luggage tags, holiday cards, art prints, posters, tote bags, stickers and who knows what might be coming!  Her artistic background is a study in contrasts. After studying art history at the University of Oregon and in Italy, she worked with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, making zany props for his PBS science show. From there, she went on to design websites and graphics for various on-line companies before eventually landing at Microsoft.

Johanna has been designing for Linnea Design since 1997 and has also completed design projects for Pottery Barn, The Discovery Channel Stores, Travel Smith Catalog, the World Wildlife Fund, Pebble Beach, Mondavi and many others.

Linnea Asplind Riley

Linnea designed the Linnea Calendar for years along with the blank notes, holiday cards, children’s books and other on-going products. At this point she continues to work on smaller-project artwork as time allows. She majored in fine art at the University of Illinois, specializing in painting. After graduating she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Linnea Riley’s personal graphic style utilizes rich colors to produce whimsical and intriguing images. She creates with a variety of media including cut and painted paper, colored pencils and pastels. The results are appealing and fun, rich with imagination, skill and color.

She has illustrated three children’s books, one of which won the Zena Sutherland Award for the best picture book of 1998. Her work has been featured on the covers of several Art Institute of Chicago catalogues. She and her family live in Solana Beach, California.

Linnea Design Player Roster

  • Linnea is the corporate conscience and designs special projects.
  • Johanna is our artist and designs the yearly calendars, totes, other cool stuff and the website.
  • Deb is the Director of Marketing and customer service and will help you with all your orders.
  • Jessica is the Director of Wholesale can also help you with all your orders.
  • Matt is Operations Manager and can help you with shipping and customer service questions.
  • Palma after answering your phone calls for 21 years has retired.  ”Farewell and thanks” she says!
  • Michael Riley has permanently retired in a better place and watches us all from above.
  • Sparky, the Wonder Dog, is the morale officer in charge of snacking.