Napkins & Towels

Check out both products below: Napkins and Towels.

Cocktail Napkins

Both everyday and holiday featuring Linnea and Johanna’s favorite designs. You need them for picnics, a birthday brunch, barBQs and every holiday occasion. Napkins measure 5×5” and are 3 ply. Keep some on hand for unplanned events.  A couple coordinate with paper plates.

Made in the Germany.

One pack of 20 napkins of one design costs $5.00

NOW ON SALE AT 50% OFF … $2.50

Paper Guest Towels

… The new necessary household product!  Easy on your laundry and your guests. Your powder room will look so chic!  Bigger than the napkins shown above they are perfect helpers for messy menus … ribs, juicy burgers, picnics. Recycle/compost them after use. The 3 ply paper towels are folded to 4 ½ x 8’’ and unfold to 13×16”. They match the paper plates.

Made in the Germany.

One pack of 15 guest towels, of one design, costs $8.00.

NOW ON SALE AT 2/3 OFF … $2.65