January –
Here are pomegranates for Helen. My mother and I take walks through the park and love to look at the pomegranate trees. They always seemed so exotic to me but now that I live in Southern California they’re everywhere I look!

February –
What a romantic month! Love is where you find it…look closely and discover the love story of two romantics, travelling the globe and sending mementos to each other from every port.

March –
The heron wears its wing like a matador wears a cape.

April –
A crab and wishing rocks. My family and I collect wishing rocks on the beach and write the date and a wish on the bottom of our favorite ones, then place them on the bookshelf while we wait for our dreams to come true.

May –
April showers bring may flowers, and other things too!

June –
Summer’s here and long lazy days fade to night while creatures on cattails bask in the glow of a June moon.

July –
Happy Forks of July! Blueberries and barbeques, pickles and picnics, watermelon and hot dogs, oh my!

August –
The buzzing sound of grasshoppers basking in the sun of a hot August day reminds us that summer will not go on forever…

September –
Back to school and back to art! Even after all these years my heart beats a little faster at the sight of fresh new paint brushes!

October –
It’s the time of year to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor from your summer garden.

November –
After a wonderful meal, it’s time to play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to do the Thanksgiving dishes!

December –
Ah, the holidaze! Time for calming amidst the chaos. It’s nice to take time out to relax and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate before reentering the holiday hubbub.