2017 Linnea Design Calendars

Choose from three sizes… The 2017 Linnea Poster Calendar, The Linnea Desk Refill and The Month-by Month Book. Also, you can check out the Poster Calendar Month Images below.

The 2017 Linnea Poster Calendar

Twelve 11×14″ posters to hang on the wall… One for each month… Art for each month! Check the three frames available on the frame page.

You can order the Linnea Poster Calendar gift wrapped. You can also choose the Poster Calendar Gift Pack. It includes the poster calendar, frame of your choice and free gift wrap. It’s perfect for the first-time giftee… they can hang it up right away.

Still made in the USA!

Poster Calendar, 11x14 $28.00
Gift Wrapped Poster Calendar $31.00
Poster Calendar Gift Pack the gift wrap is free!
Box Frame + Poster Calendar $37.00
Black Frame + Poster Calendar $38.00

We are unable to ship the black frame out of the continental USA due to shipping difficulties. We will substitute the box frame if ordered in error.

The 2017 Linnea Desk Refill

The Desktop version is 5 x 7″ and designed for closer viewing. The Desk Calendar Gift Pack includes the glass-front frame. It’s a perfect small gift to keep on hand… small, compact, pretty, useful… for times when you need a quick present with no time to shop. Still made in the USA!

Desk Calendar, 5x7" $14.00
Gift Wrapped Desk Calendar $17.00
Desk Calendar Gift Pack $21.00

The 2017 Month-by-Month Book

The Month by Month Book is a 9 x 9” hardback book with space to write on each day. Keep your desk attractive and your life organized. With a full month in view and a ribbon marker, important dates won’t sneak up on you. At year’s end keep it on the library shelf as a remembrance. Each day has a space of 1 1/4 x 1 5/8″.

Month-by-Month Book $16.00 sold out
Gift Wrapped Month-by-Month Book $19.00 sold out

JANUARY:  The magic of a crisp winter’s night with every snowflake unique and a frosty world unto itself.

FEBRUARY:  Watch out for the Love Bug (who may turn up in just about any shape or size). This bug’s famous for his bite, especially around February 14th.

MARCH:  A rite of spring at my house is the delight of hyacinth bulbs blooming on my kitchen counter—a preview to the April show in my garden. Fingers crossed.

APRIL:  Another symbol of spring, the bunny in his Easter best, hopping down the bunny trail.

MAY: The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground. This small but determined nut is the epitome of perseverance against great odds and, perhaps, an example for mothers everywhere to share with
their children.

JUNE:  Fishermen’s buoys are the perfect combination of beauty and utility. Who doesn’t love their look or the idea of having a colorful collection of them at the ready to buoy our spirits when the seas are rough?

JULY:  Ah…the childhood enchantment of the “impossible”  The boat in the bottle never grows old.

AUGUST:  A summer harvest of magnificent melons… beautiful to behold but even better to eat!

SEPTEMBER:  Sweet peas’ sweet adieu to summer….
a reminder that autumn is near. Thank you for a lovely time, summer.

OCTOBER:  Travelling a familiar corridor between two different worlds, is the goose flying home. Or is he leaving home, just ahead of winter? It is possible to live in one place but have your heart in another.

NOVEMBER:  Mussels and clams are in season and ready to be grilled, steamed, and eaten. Spoon Moules Marinières into warmed bowls, and serve with lots of crusty bread.

DECEMBER:  Beautiful, serene and silent night. All is calm, all is right, if only for just a little while. Here’s to wishing for serenity and for a peaceful 2018!

Happy New Year, everyone!